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Customising Equipment Part 2

Painting Equipment, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

The image here shows examples of the paints and tools I use when customising figs.

Click on the image for more detail, but essentially this shows the 4 main types of paint that I use and most importantly the spray undercoat. I will be talking more about colour and painting technique when describing each fig, however this is a good reference point.

If you have any specific questions on paint and how to use it on lego pieces / accessories please feel free to ask.


My trade secrets…

My trade secrets…, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

I regularly get asked how I do something… or what equipment use to create a certain fig or technique…. which has led me to the conclusion that rather than answering everyone individually I should just do it in one place and refer them here.

This blog will hopefully be of use to those that want to try their hand at a bit of customisation themselves. What I intend to do is to go through my figs (probably starting with my older figs) and break down how and why I created that fig. Regardless of whether anyone else finds this interesting I personally feel it will be of use to me in helping me refine my work.

This first photo is of my toolkit (minus the painting gear that I will do in another post). This constitutes the main items and don’t worry you really only need a fraction of this to start creating figs, but I show it in its entirety to allow me to refer back to this in future posts.

Looking at this… one this I missed from the picture is my old friend Mr. Superglue! Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this kit and I will answer if I can.