Time for a comeback!?!

Red vs Blue, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

The last few months have been quiet for me on the customisation front… but from looking at places like Flickr and the main blogs it would seem that it is not just me that has been running silent. Could this be due to pressures of real life eating into our hobby time, or is it a genuine decline in interest and activity? It is hard to judge… however those that I consider to be the pillars of customisation are nowhere to be seen… where are Hazel and Morgan19 for instance? I am hoping that there absence is just temporary.Even Ken at http://www.customminifig.com is not blogging anywhere near as much as usual (does that mean there is nothing worth blogging about?). I was discussing this with a friend and we both lamented the loss of the Ugly Duckling blog run by Kyle Swan. It did seem to be the glue that kept some of us together and offered inspiration to many.Custom accessory providers seem to be continuing to add new items… but to me it seems that people are doing less with these rather than more… What is going on?I would be interested to know what the community actually wants or needs, is it tutorials on techniques? critical analysis (and I mean critical) of custom figs and accessories? If you have any ideas please let me know.

One response to “Time for a comeback!?!

  1. I surely hope not! I also am lamenting the absence of KJ the Knight. His photostream is still up, but he has taken about a 6 month leave of absence for some reason. It is not up to me, however, to speculate on his whereabouts. He was almost as good a customizer as you are. We may be looking at a loss of interest after all- I know I had had some difficulties, but it’s probably because my parts supply is so low!

    Anyways, Morgan19’s impending “bambino” (as well as Pedro’s Mini-Me) are keeping them busy, so I wouldn’t expect too darn much from them. However, in the absence of them, McLovin is doing extremely well, and Catsy is still going strong (after taking a couple of breaks.) Additionally, Geoshift is also doing REALLY well. I am working really hard to step up my game, so hopefully I can fill in… but probably not.

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