Your Kung Fu is… no match for Series 2 ;-)

Your Kung Fu is…, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

Have I struck the mother load and found a supply of Series 2 Collectable Minifigs? Have I heck! These things are still as rare as hens teeth over here, but I did manage to find a Karate fig on Bricklink with a not too extortionate price tag.

Am I excited about Series 2? Yes, very actually. I have ordered a box of these again on the basis that in addition to the minifigs being cool the spare parts are gold to me, new hair, new parts… all very cool.

When Series 1 came out I underestimated the mileage that I could get from them. I even think Lego was caught unawares by peoples appetite for these little suckers. It sounds as though Series 3 is going to keep things going in the right direction… I won’t repeat the rumours but the line-up sounds really cool.

I am still working on a new direction for this blog and hope to have something to report soon… I am sure that Series 2 will also play a big part in that as well.

One response to “Your Kung Fu is… no match for Series 2 ;-)

  1. congrats jasbrick, about time! good news for custom minifigers all over, finally some ‘official’ recognition and acceptance.

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