It ain’t funny!

Combat Clowns, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

Hi guys, things have been rather hectic recently, however I am back. Anyway to start the ball rolling again I thought I would return to the subject of the Collectable Minifigs produced by Lego.

I mentioned these previously when they were originally made public, however now I have had a good opportunity to mess around with the box of these that I bought it is safe to say I am very pleased with the contents.

Even those figs that I was originally dubious about are incredibly useful from a customisation perspective… as can be seen from the image above 😉

For me it is the array of new pieces that are exciting, such as the following:

1. Clown hair, great for comedic effect, whilst also possible to re-colour for a truly funky afro;
2. Syringe, which is great for medical figs;
3. Skateboarders Hair, nice new style which I think looks better on female figs;
4. Spaceman Helmet, this looks great in white;
5. Spaceman Pistol, very retro looking blaster (steampunk / retro uses)
6. Zombie Head, the ultimate post-apoc / zombie fest piece that is a personal dream come true.

In addition the theme covered by the figs provide new inspiration to start building in a few forgotten genres (e.g. Cowboys, Forestmen tec.)

In addition to the random selection obtained in the box I have also purchased singles from Firestar Toys to create an army of Retro Robots and Zombies for future projects.

NOTE: Please let me know anything specific that you want me to cover in the blog using comments, otherwise I will continue to do things as and when they come to me.

7 responses to “It ain’t funny!

  1. I you want to avoid getting random figs you can buy these singly from FireStar Toys

  2. These are fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  3. wow. i am a clownaphobe and these are some cool figs . i really think that the combo of clown hair ? red minifig cat gas mask is genius =-D

  4. in one of your past creations, the brickviet chessboard, you only can see one of the sides. do you have any pictures of the other? or if you still have some assembled could you please post some pict’s?

  5. okay i was just curious

  6. cool figs by the way

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