Chimp Guevara

Chimp Guevara, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

Sorry… you may not have noticed that I had gone, which is fine. But for those that did and have been wondering why I have not been posting an explanation is warranted, so here it is:

In my real life I spend a significant amount of my time flying around the planet dealing with a variety of crisis and managing a rather demanding business. It would seem that the last few months have been ridiculously busy and this has greatly reduced the time available to work on custom figs (let alone blog about them). I am not complaining as in the current economic climate just having a job makes me one of the lucky ones… plus I do actually enjoy what I do.

Anyway I have one more business trip next week and after that I should get a bit more time to get back to my original plan. However in this brief respite between air travel I decided to create something fun, and Chimp Guevara was the result.

This little fellow combines a few pieces that I should mention in more detail… the most significant to me is the use of my latest printed torso, Chimp Guevara! If you look at my Flickr stream you will see quite a few new torso designs that have been printed directly onto the torso in much the same fashion as Lego does itself. I love these torsos as they look fantastic and have all the resilience of an official piece…. Surely the purists can’t hate them!?!

The next piece of note is the prototype Retro Blaster (nicknamed the Brickarms Banana Blaster by me) that was given to me by the Enigma that is Badger at

I plan to do a few more designs in the following months and will update the blog with those and start on the examination of previous figs as well.

One response to “Chimp Guevara

  1. Hi! I’m from Italy, i look your Post Apoc Musician.
    Very good work but I love the hair headgear?
    It’s you creation or buy in some custom shop?

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