Too Detailed!?!

Clone Airborne Units, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

Before I resume my fig breakdowns and tutorials I thought I would discuss these two figs. The reason for that being: “from the thumbnail I thought these were Hasbro Action Figures” YG49 commented on my Flickr stream.

Now the detail here comes from some accessories that I bought from Hazel (Amazing Armory) whose work I love, all I did was paint them. In reality I believe these are probably more detailed than the Hasbro equivalent (when compared to my sons action figures) and I am wondering whether that is a good or bad thing… I am interested in your views on this.

3 responses to “Too Detailed!?!

  1. Definately not too detailed. Simple as that.

  2. i think that these in particular are not to detailed but that even your inredibly detailed ones still have the feel of a lego creation

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