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Too Detailed!?!

Clone Airborne Units, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

Before I resume my fig breakdowns and tutorials I thought I would discuss these two figs. The reason for that being: “from the thumbnail I thought these were Hasbro Action Figures” YG49 commented on my Flickr stream.

Now the detail here comes from some accessories that I bought from Hazel (Amazing Armory) whose work I love, all I did was paint them. In reality I believe these are probably more detailed than the Hasbro equivalent (when compared to my sons action figures) and I am wondering whether that is a good or bad thing… I am interested in your views on this.


Great minds

Great minds, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

I posted this on Flickr after my wife made me buy this set (wonders will never cease – not sure I have ever been forced to buy a set before)… she like me reacted to similarity with the Brikviet Shocktrooper. Granted the pieces are all pre-existing Lego elements (don’t get me started on the vest) but the combination and removal of the antenna sparked the notion that maybe, just maybe… the designers had the shocktrooper in mind when they put this together.

Now my ego is not big enough (yet) to suggest that it is more likely than just coincidence… but it did make me think.

Should it actually be the case I would be flattered and in support of my previous post it would suggest that the design teams are taking more of an effort to stay in tune with the fan base. Personally I think this fig looks amazing and the customisation potential is huge.