My View: Collector Figures Ad

Collector Figures Ad, originally uploaded by Navy Trooper Fenson.

This image is doing the rounds on Flickr, Brothers Brick and various other places… my blogging it here is purely for the purpose of discussing how much Lego has changed over the last 12 months.

Even though this blog is primarily to discuss how you can replicate my figs (if you care enough to want to)… I was also going to talk at some point about the fact that I think Lego is really far more attuned to what people want then ever before. This is not just sycophantic worship… I genuinely believe that the design teams they have now are the strongest they have been for as long as I can remember.

My evidence for this is as follows (purely my opinion):
1. Strong licensed themes that are well supported (Indy Jones, Star Wars);
2. Pruning of poor themes that just were not popular, well with me anyway (Mars Mission, Dino Attack, Divers);
3. Some great non-licensed themes (Pirates returning, Agents and to a lesser extent Power Miners);
4. They have introduced some great new minifig accessories that I have been after for a while (modern body armour, new helmet design (SP3 Helmet that looks very HALO ODST), jetpacks, helmets, clone trooper accessories and definitely the new Atlantis items);
5. The improvements with multi side printed torsos has also not gone unnoticed and is definitely very welcome;
6. And finally these collectible minifigs are in my view the Icing on the Cake. I normally don’t like praising a Corporation for coming up with another way to take money from me…. but come on, these are so cool. The collectible aspect initially made me groan…. however looking at the range of figs makes me realise that no matter which one I get I would be happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not agree with every decision made, however I feel a very strong sense of connection between my wishes and the Lego design process….. At the moment 😉

Whilst the customisation potential is huge with these figs, I am going to find it very difficult to do anything other than keep them as they are…. unless I can get LOADS of them! and believe me I will be trying.

2 responses to “My View: Collector Figures Ad

  1. I’m in full agreeance with you there Jas. At BrickCon the past 2 years they’ve had the design team for the playthemes (castle agents powerminers etc.) and its quite apparent they are listening to the fans and know what we want. I’m a lover of MOCs and figs so these packs have got me super excited.

  2. I totally agree with you, and those figs are awesome!
    Gotta love the clown!

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