The END? Actually No it is the beginning.

The END?, originally uploaded by JasBrick.

Now that I have had the time to work out how to connect Flickr to my newly established Blog I am ready to go.

The idea is to use whatever spare time I have to blog and analyse the custom minifigs that I have created (probably starting with the oldest designs first).

The blog will focus on what inspired me to create the fig in question and what techniques I used. This is very much a self focused endeavour at the moment, however due to the sheer number of people asking me how I do certain things I feel it is worth doing.

Anyway watch this space šŸ˜‰

2 responses to “The END? Actually No it is the beginning.

  1. This…..I am very interested in. Your figs were the driving factor for me to start customizing; I had never even known people did this before. After seeing your figs, I was filled with awe and envy; they looked so cool, but I knew there was no one I could match them.
    I shall watch this with both eyes open.

  2. Wow Jas I had no idea you had a blog I’ll be checking it out on the regular.

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